The 5 Genuine Reasons Proving Mobile App Development With Ionic Is The A Smart Choice

When the Ionic web development was introduced to the technology world, the developers working with different technologies must have approved it as a missing part of hybrid app development. The Ionic Mobile App Development technology is incorporated with all the functionality which can be found in native mobile development SDKs.

It provides a platform to users to build their apps, customize them for Android or iOS, and deploy through Cordova. Ionic Mobile App Development includes mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, and an extensible base theme. It supports to windows Platform, Browser Platforms, and Progressive Web Apps out of the box.

Looking up this summary of ionic web development benefits, the choice of Ionic will not be wrong. To be more sure before you opt to Hire Ionic Developer have a look on following reasons to select Ionic for mobile app development.

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1.    Ionic is an Open Source, Well Backed and Free

Not only the professional ionic web developers but normal computer and Internet users can be benefited by Ionic, as it provides a free and open source framework. If you had to pay Money for a license for such frameworks, then it would become very difficult to even get started.

2.    It is based on Angular Framework

In Ionic, the development process of mobile apps is quite easy with angular as it is extended by Ionic with a bundle of features. Ionic is based on Angular which supported and maintained by Google in an open source.

3.    Supports Android, iOS, Windows, Progressive Web Apps, and Browser Platform

Ionic provides native functionality for Android, iOS, and Windows and runs in the Web-View. It also provides Progressive Web application support. Support for Progressive Web Apps is built into the Ionic Framework out of the Box.

4.    Support for Cordova Plugins, Ionic Native Plugins, and NPM Modules

With an easy and consistent APIs and Interfaces, Ionic provides native functionality like Bluetooth, WiFi, Gallery, Network Features, Camera, Contacts, Phone Features, and SMS etc by providing more than 100 modules.

If some functionality is available via NMP modules in open source community, same can be integrated easily by installing NPM modules.

These Modules supports to Android, IOS and Windows platforms. They will be further enhanced to provide support to Progressive Web Apps in Mobile Browsers and Desktop Web Browsers.

5.    Default UI which is Easy to Customize and Enhance

The UI Building Blocks like lists, tabs, Side Menu, Cards, Buttons, Selects etc which are easy to use are provided by Ionic. Any readymade components from Angular Framework are allowed to use in Ionic.

Also, the UI Components can be reused and shared with the community and can be used in other projects.

Few important components:
•    Side Menu and Tabs (Starter Templates).
•    Cards, List
•    Alerts, Selects, Modals
•    Popover, Radio, Range
•    Icons and Buttons
•    Inputs

 The Ionic App Development Companies are going with this popular framework to sustain the growth of the business. Considering the vast features of Ionic framework development, its choice for making mobile apps will not be a wrong Idea.


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