5 Prominent Apps; Out-Turn of the React Native App Development

The foremost feature of React Native that is, accelerating the process of building an app, by enabling to build it across different platforms, with reuse of most of the code, makes it distinguished among other technologies.

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To make the app stand out of crowd, many companies settle upon React Native to create react native mobile app. Following is the list of those that have grasped this framework in development.


As a need of company, Facebook started the project hackathon which first introduced the React Native Development. The company desired to carry the web development benefits like fast iterations and need of a single team to build the whole product into mobile. This also brought the react native for iOS development.

The developers’ team found the best way, for testing the app performance such as its start-up time, by converting the Events Dashboard feature of iOS app to React Native. This concludes the user’s first impression of the app, determining whether they will stay or leave. The developers achieved the cutting time-to-market in half.


The recent good information for Skype users was its announcement for testing a new Android app written in React Native. Although it is a well-developed application, it has faced certain problems. The new version is totally renewed, starting from the icons to the whole layout and adding some new features.

Skype Preview for iOS is already available in a limited capacity through Apple’s TestFlight for Skype Insiders, this is announced by Microsoft.


As all aware, Instagram is one of the leading social media apps. To maintain this and to gain more users by providing them best of features and all new experience, the Instagram made the choice to integrate React Native into their existing native app.

The developer's team at Instagram was able to deliver the app much faster than they would have with a native solution, as they shared 85% to 99% of code between Android and iOS apps, depending on products.


By introducing Node.js into their stack, Walmart has proved its innovative attitude. Adding to this, a few years later they also renewed their mobile app, writing it into React Native app development technology . Walmart is aspiring to become the world’s largest online retailer. In order to achieve such big goal, the company needs to take bold decisions. 

Keeping this mind, Walmart always seeks new ideas to improve the user experience. The developers made the native app to perform faster by sharing 95% of the code between different platforms. 

Uber Eats

Uber has shared its intuition for integrating the React Native technology in its native Food App; Uber Eats. Uber Eats incorporates three parties: restaurants, delivery-partners, and eaters. This structure required an extra dashboard for restaurants.

The existing dashboard was built for the web, which provided limited access to the native device functionalities, such as sound notifications. The Fullstack developers’ team decided to rebuild the dashboard with React Native app development technology. This resulted in great user experience.
Despite the immaturity and faults of React Native, it has a wide range of possibilities which makes it more demandable in mobile app development. As the framework seems growing its space in iOS development also, the Native iOS development companies are switching to react native 
development companies.

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