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Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry

The technology is changing the education landscape where the mobile apps for education industry will replace the traditional teaching methods. The current global education market size is of around $5 billion and is expected to grow by 35% by the end of 2020.
As per The Mobile Landscape Education Report 2015, more than 5.5% of educational revenues of U.S is now invested in EduTech ecosystem.
The education market in the US was estimated to be about $1.3 trillion in 2015 and was mainly branched into 4 major sectors: Early childhood education: $ 70 billion K-12: ~ $60 BILLION HIGHER education: ~$475 billion Adult learning: ~ $ 55 billion Almost 9% of US GDP is spent on education and is the second largest market after health care, in the United States.
Mobile immersive learning is brewing technology trend in education that provides engaging experiences to students. Memory training apps, education game apps, language learning apps and device embedded learning products are few examples that deliver …

How you can increase your revenue from your restaurant?

Customer attraction and satisfaction are as important for any restaurant as Branding and marketing. Mobile applications are the best way to attract customers. The customers can easily look out for any restaurant and the services they provide. Customers can Search for a good restaurant, check the menu, pre order the food and book a table within minutes via a single application. In Today’s busy life no one has the time to wait outside the restaurants for their tables. Now Food industry is greatly impacted by the new trends in iPhone application development.
What are the benefits restaurants can have by mobile applications?
Customer engagement Easy access is the key to customer engagement. Introducing a customer loyalty program included in the app which helps in enhancing return visits. Users spend more time on mobile so application so it will give more committed customers. An app responding effectively will give more output as a result will be used more. Customer engagement is truly custom…

How mobile apps are griping their roots into education industry?

I personally envy with the new generation, during my school days due to less presence of technology, I used to struggle a lot to learn each subject by attending the classes, finishing & submitting the project and assignment. To complete the summer vacation homework I used to visit all the local libraries possible. Today when we look back to our days of school we remember how difficult it was to mug-up so many subjects. Another difficulty that we used to face is during the notes making in the lectures if you missed a small thing you missed the whole understanding of the topic. It was so hard for the teachers to address the doubts of each student and at last, the only option left would be mugging.
How students can utilize technology for the education?

Technology has an impact on each part of the education whether it is preschool, primary, secondary or the university. Each section is utilizing technology to extract the most from it. Learning has become so easy due to the presence of te…

5 Features of Android Nougat that will Enhance your Love for Android

The journey of Android from Marshmallow to Nougat has been rewarded with various latest interesting features. Android is always leading the mobile applications market for all the industries. Android app development companies are highly supported by Google through the features it provides.
Nougat is all about improving pre-existing features, extended functionality and expanding the stock of android. The little surprises packed with the O.S are attractive enough to make any user fall in love with it. The latest features introduced works in improving upon the overall Android experience.
Let’s take a look at what’s new in the OS introduced by Google:
Split screen Use two apps at a time.
Google has added multi-window support for all android devices running android 7.0. To activate multi-window mode, long press the recent apps button while in an app. The android app you are currently using will go on the top of the screen with a list of recently used apps visible along the bottom. The user can ch…

How magento2.0 is superior to other platforms

To keep up with the standards like Amazon, Snapdeal or Myntra e-commerce retailers are facing a big competition. To have an online store today a good e-commerce platform is a must. The platform should offer features and functionalities incorporating your online store. The most popular and fastest growing platform for an e-commerce website is Magento.
Magento is an OpenSource, e-commerce platform that allows developers to setup an online store by using the plug-ins made by other developers. For a large organization, the enterprise edition follows a licensing model to develop a feature-rich and highly customized Magento e-commerce solution.
Magento team works continuously to improve Magento and to introduce magento2. On November 2, 2015, Magento2.0 is released for the Magento community. Magento Development Company has delighted everyone with its improvements and new features.
Magento comes with inbuilt robust ecommerce solutions that are utilized by the developers to give customized e-comm…

5 Tools that are must for every Drupal developer

Drupal is the most beloved platform for the website developers. The amazing content management system and a perfect combination of features of Drupal is the reason for its extensive use in creating flawless websites.
Developers are opting for Drupal platform because of its unmatched features like page layout customization, menu management, user account registration etc. Drupal has made the process of web development very straightforward and quick through its advanced tools which are valuable in constructing a feature-rich and robust website.
The tools a developer use can make a huge difference in the web development process. By looking at the heap of tools the questions at came to our mind as Drupal developers are: are all these tools actually useful? What is the specification of each tool? Which tools are actually useful?
So we had made an analysis of the tools of Drupal and came up with a list of top 5 tools that are actually useful.
Drush can be called Swiss army knife of the Dru…

Why Drupal Web Development Has Gone Widely Popular?

It has become imperative for every business to show their online presence in the market. For getting sustained in the tough and competitive market, you and your business need to be fully equipped with the latest technologies and systems.
If you intend to do so, then you need to hire a service provider of Drupal Web Development. Drupal Web Development is the frequently opted service that has gone highly popular for the relative and relevant features it offers.
Choose The Right Company Providing Drupal Web Development Service! With such option, you certainly need to choose the right Drupal Web Development Company, this decision of yours is very important and must be wisely executed. It may be daunting for you to select the right company from the many but you must consider the company providing best technical support.
Why Choose Drupal CMS Platform For Designing Your Business Website? Drupal is the best open source CMS platform that allows the user to modify the software. Having many incredible…

How you can induce high returns from laravel websites and mobile apps

Laravel is a powerful PHP frame work to assist developers in rapid website development with excellent applications. It follows different ways of accessing relational databases. Laravel is popular due to its high development speed. Laravel is logically designed to help developers to build small websites as well as large applications.
Laravel is famous for its fluent query builder with advanced PHP implementation. Laravel has an auto loading facility which provides loading of PHP classes that doesn’t need any much maintenance and inclusion paths. Due to intrinsic modular packaging system and easy customizations it helps in saving a lot of time.
Laravel web development gives more scalable, responsive, fast, error-free and safe websites. Laravel is not limited to websites only; it also creates RESTful mobile applications...

Penetrate cross-platform users with astonishingly easy Phonegap Development

Is there anyone who is yet to hear about Phone Gap development? Well, if so, then this is the best innovative tool available these days for developers to produce excellent web and mobile apps and then transfer these to some native store for apps without the need of learning new languages. Isn’t this astonishing? The APIs provided by Phone Gap are easy to understand and simple to use when compared with HTML5 functions. However, when we say ease of utilization, responsibility of delivering best is always associated.
Knowing about Phone Gap When you need to develop simple applications which do not need data connections and support static information, Phone Gap development is the way to go. The design of this solution is able to perform just what is intended – allow developers the privilege of building native apps with the use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.
Phone Gap has rendered developers with a framework that has revolutionized the way they build apps supporting cross-platforms. The apps h…

What Is The Suitable Mobile Framework To Develop A Business App?

Do you want to take the benefits of the technical advances for your business in this tough and competitive business race? The smart and unique way to achieve this is to develop a mobile app for your business. Through this, you can get closer to the customers and access every customer. All around the world, people are going crazy for the mobile apps that make a Smartphone really smart. You may think, creating mobile app for different platforms would cost you high but it is not, you need to select the right framework.

PhoneGap Framework: The Leading Open Source App Development Framework Did you ever hear about PhoneGap apps? PhoneGap is one of the most preferred open source frameworks for app development. The apps developed under this framework functions across multiple mobile platforms, like-Android, iOS, Windows, etc. If you intend to target users of all mobile platforms, then you need to hire phonegap developers. PhoneGap framework uses standards-based web technology th…

What Is The Best And Incredible Platform To Develop Mobile Apps

Mobile world is constantly changing with the technical upgrades in accordance with time. The mobile world has taken up a vital role in changing the lifestyle and pattern of working in a remarkable way.
With the changing tradition, the mobiles of today are not relevant without the apps. It is the mobile app that makes the mobile phone Smartphone. It’s the era of mobile apps and almost without these apps, it is difficult to operate and manage different works. With such inevitable requirement of the apps, the demand of the mobile app development has spectacularly raised up.
Select the Platform That Would Be Feasible For You in All Manners If you intend to develop a mobile app for your business, then you must select the best platform that would be feasible for you in all manners. With the growing demand of app development, the popularity of PhoneGap platform is growing.
The PhoneGap platform is a free open source cross-platform app development framework. There are numerous o…

Ionic vs Native App Development

Recently Ionic App development has increased, the choice of using the native or Ionic app development is always the pain of all those who want to make a mobile application.

General Description

• Native applications are unique to a particular mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the tools and development language that supports the respective platform (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Java with Android and Eclipse). Native applications look and work better.

• Ionic applications allow you to embed HTML5 applications within a thin native container; you can combine the best (and worst) elements of HTML5 and native apps.

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Native Applications Advantages
1. A native mobile application can produce the best user experience: Fast graphics API and smooth animation, which is critical when using a large amount of data or require a quick update.2. Obviously, you can also get complete control over what you are…

Y? Android Is 1st Choice of Millions of Businesses for App Development

The android ecosystem is growing even faster since 2015. There are millions of businesses out there who have already leveraged android application development services to tap their share from the soaring app market.  There are many other reasons, of course, so continue reading. 

Supports Multiple Devices – Adaptability is a boon

One of the many reasons why android rules the mobile market is the fact that that the OS is supported by a huge assortment of Smartphones and tablets worldwide. Google has its own unique business tactics when it comes to customer acquisition. According to a recent study, Android owns the largest share of 79% in the global Smartphone market.

Marshmallow: The Big News!

Marshmallow, the latest version of Android OS unveiled by Google, Inc, is breaking tech news for those involved in android apps development. The new OS has made significant and well-justified changes in the way Android devices work.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the coolest features of Android 6.0, k…