Top 6 Enterprises Using Fleet Management Solution

Some businesses have been prospering solely because of the technology backing that they have received in recent years. Transportation, Logistics, and Storage have been among few such industries that have been thriving due to the creation of enterprise fleet management solution.
What this solution offers is a software and app for the enterprises to manage their complete business operation (and customer interactions in some cases). Today we will be showcasing six of such enterprises that have integrated such fleet management solutions for good.
1. UberCARGO
UberCARGO is a global logistics service offering convenient and reliable cargo shipment. The users have to select UberCARGO in the Uber app, place a request, and have a van arrive wherever they need within a few minutes. The app also allows tracking the delivery in real-time and share the location of the cargo.
2. Cloud Fulfillment
Cloud Fulfillment provides a storage outsourcing solution for small size businesses. The fleet management solution enables businesses to handle order processing and delivery requirements, manage inventory, track the order progress, and manage returns in real-time. The fleet management platform renders effective end-to-end pick, pack, and distribution services.
3. Shotput
Shotput is all in one cargo, inventory, and consumer order platform having the intent to simplify supply chain operations for e-commerce businesses. The users connect their e-commerce site to Shotput platform that afterward picks an item at the factory and transport to the end-customers. This is the perfect example of how fleet management solutions help e-commerce businesses.
4. Nimber
Nimber is a crowd shipping service for shifting stuff locally. The startup offers efficient home delivery services for businesses. It enables people to transport or bring anything from any location. Nimber is presently in Norway and up to now functions in Northern Europe, including the UK.
5. Transporteca
The Transporteca website provides shippers and consignees an essential tool to easily search and compare transportation and shipping rates from freight forwarders. The Copenhagen-based startup now focuses only on shipping from Asia to Denmark. They partnered with numerous shippers to provide the best services to the customers.
6. Xeneta
Xeneta enables businesses to check container rates instantly and helps them to analyze, monitor, and set targets for their freight sourcing team. The service brings transparency to the shipping sector by allowing businesses to benchmark their ocean freight charges. Xeneta is useful for exporters, importers, and freight forwarders.
Few precise technology solutions act as driving force for these on-demand logistics startups, making them even more efficient. Enterprise fleet management solution is one such powerful force. But to build such a fantastic solution, you’ll need the best fleet management app and software developer with years of experience and the latest resources.
What’s your thought about fleet management app development
? Do you think this will be beneficial for your business? If you are interested, then opt for the precise logistics or transportation app development solution for your business.


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