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Latest Trends in Android for a Successful 2019

2019 is almost here are we are all set to revamp our life and resolutions. But what about your business? Don’t you think, you need to upgrade your business app as well? Or if you are still not having a Mobile app then this is the peak time to get one built for you? This blog will help you to decide how you can have the best Android app for your business? Here I am going to talk about a few android app development trends for 2019.
1. Android Instant Apps:

Android instant apps don’t force users to install an app to try. These instant apps work on the cloud and don’t need any extra space in your device. The user just has to enable the feature in the phone and they can check the instant apps. Instant apps are best useful when a user just have to use once; for example, you read an article on BuzzFeed and you loved it. You can share it with your friends and the instant version will help them to check the article without installing the app.

2. Payment Gateways and Mobile Wallets:

Digital payment…

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot: Who wins?

Alexa, will you marry me? This is probably the only request I’ve left to make. Have you tried voice assistants? They are AWESOME!!!! I’m not kidding, they are the modern equivalent of a butler, friend, personal assistant, all rolled into one steaming piece of technology. Amazon has ruled for a long time in this market but there is a new contender in the ring and a really impressive one I must say. So ladies and gentlemen, in one corner we have the already proven Amazon Echo Dot while in the other corner we have the challenger Google Home mini. So, how does Google Home Mini compare to Amazon Echo Dot? Only time will tell. So let the Google Home Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot match begin.
Both the speakers compared here are the smallest ones for each company’s product line. So the only comparison will be between GoogleHome Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot and no other speaker of the companies.
Round 1: Hardware

Google Home Mini
The Google Home Mini has a very unique look, similar to a river pebble with th…

The Hottest Design Trends in Mobile Apps For 2019

“Good Design is Good Business.”  -  Thomas Watson Jr.Designing is so simple and yet so complicated. Many mobiles apps had amazing concepts and features but failed just because of their poor app designs. It is one of the most underrated aspects of mobile app development that people ignore. If you wish to rectify that mistake by improving your app design or start your next app development project with the integration of Top Mobile App Design Trends for 2019, you are in the right place.
Without wasting any time let’s dive in straight to the top mobile app design trends you should follow.
Gestures are a game changer
Gestures are the small animations that occur when you do a particular action on the app like tap, swipe or pinch the screen. A good example is when you long-press to select an item in the app. But all these gestures are common and quite old school. You need to innovate your app with new ways of gestures. For instance, you can add face and hand gestures feature by accessing the mo…

Best Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

What are the strategic technology trends that would be in talks for 2019?

How will the newest technology trends affect the existing systems?

These questions are very important and lucrative if answered correctly. I am going to discuss today the top 5 strategic technology trends that will be on the hype for 2019. So without wasting any more time, let’s get to the point.

Blockchain is all about creating a shared, distributed, immutable ledger with cryptographic validation of the transaction that goes in the ledger. It is one of the most important strategic technology trends that most enterprises would be aiming for in 2019. The key value of blockchain is the fact that it isn’t tied to a particular enterprise or an individual application. It deals with the connection across that in a very dynamic way to reduce technical friction and business friction.
Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust
This strategy looks at the mental model that companies have around security. It is a continuous ad…

Swift Vs. React Native: Which Is The Best Platform For Your iOS App?

Comparing Swift Vs. React Native in some terms is very justifiable but in others would mean comparing apples to oranges. There are many overlaps while also they have different intended purposes and benefits. After giving this statutory warning let’s move on to the discussion between Swift Vs. React Native and which is better for your iOS app development needs.

iOS has always been a synonym to high quality and both these app development platforms suffice to this belief. Earlier it was considered that React native is only good if you wish to build an app for multiple platforms but if you have a goal to only build the app for a single platform (in this case iOS) then you must go with the native development platform (Objective-c or Swift for iOS), this stays true even at present but there are some advantages of developing your iOS app in React native as well.
Here we will be discussing the Pros and Cons of both the platforms without supporting or opposing anyone for another. So let’s dive i…

Which Is The Suitable Framework For Front End Development: Angular 2 Or React?


The Significance of Online Food Ordering and Restaurant Booking App

Mobile Technology has been playing a vital role in numerous industries including the food and restaurant. In addition to the emergence of Smartphones, mobile apps have come in to picture to enhance the user experience by offering all essential facilities and services with just a finger tap.

Mobile app development is a big endowment for restaurant owners to build their brand existence by enabling them to serve food and other services at every place where their consumers are. Right from reaching the customers to acquiring considerable revenue, mobile apps are the perfect solution for the entire scenario of the food and restaurant businesses.

A restaurant mobile app allows restaurateur to showcase their restaurant interior with the help of high-quality images or videos and offer their menu & specials as well. Further, they can conveniently send out tailored offers and events information to their customers. Overall speaking, it is the best ever approach for a restaurateur to augment …