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Swift Vs. React Native: Which Is The Best Platform For Your iOS App?

Comparing Swift Vs. React Native in some terms is very justifiable but in others would mean comparing apples to oranges. There are many overlaps while also they have different intended purposes and benefits. After giving this statutory warning let’s move on to the discussion between Swift Vs. React Native and which is better for your iOS app development needs.

iOS has always been a synonym to high quality, and both these app development platforms suffice to this belief. Earlier it was considered that React native is only good if you wish to build an app for multiple platforms but if you have a goal to only build the app for a single platform (in this case iOS) then you must go with the native development platform (Objective-c or Swift for iOS), this stays true even at present but there are some advantages of developing your iOS app in React native as well.
Here we will be discussing on the Pros and Cons of both the platforms without supporting or opposing any one for another. So let’s d…

Which Is The Suitable Framework For Front End Development: Angular 2 Or React?


The Significance of Online Food Ordering and Restaurant Booking App

Mobile Technology has been playing a vital role in numerous industries including the food and restaurant. In addition to the emergence of Smartphones, mobile apps have come in to picture to enhance the user experience by offering all essential facilities and services with just a finger tap.

Mobile app development is a big endowment for restaurant owners to build their brand existence by enabling them to serve food and other services at every place where their consumers are. Right from reaching the customers to acquiring considerable revenue, mobile apps are the perfect solution for the entire scenario of the food and restaurant businesses.

A restaurant mobile app allows restaurateur to showcase their restaurant interior with the help of high-quality image or videos and offer their menu & specials as well. Further, they can conveniently send out tailored offers and events information to their customers. Overall speaking, it is the best ever approach for a restaurateur to augment t…

Why The Top Chef Require A Mobile App?

People nowadays prefer convenient ways to get their desired food without many efforts and mobile apps are a big endowment for such foodies. If you are a chef and has acquired enough admiration for your cuisines, it’s absolutely high time for you to build your own brand. Your beloved customers must be wishing to find and get your all cuisines, easily on their Smartphone. 
Having your own mobile app can serve you uncountable perks, apart from just getting a huge fan following. In this blog, you will encounter some of these benefits that will help you to make your mind for deploying an amazing app as your brand. 

Let’s Get Through All The Major Benefits:
Brand Building
With a potent mobile app, you will be able to spread awareness of your food and brand name. An app with well-designed and user-friendly features will aid you to keep your customers engaged and get your food services on regular basis.
Mobile Orders
A mobile app allows you to provide mobile food ordering and online menu browsing w…

7 Effective Steps to Become a Top iPhone Application Developer

As iPhone is achieving a huge popularity, the demand for top iOS app developers is drastically escalating day by day. With the release of iOS 11, the iOS mobile platform has acquired a great attention and demand in 2007 as compared to others. The augmenting versatility and popularity of iPhone devices and iOS platforms have been inspiring new developers to become proficient and build a bright career in iPad and iPhone application development.

The iPhone application development experience proves to be tough even for the casual iOS programmer since iOS employs a set of technologies that are rarely seen elsewhere. Also, the iPhone's operating system incorporates technologies with a high complexity that can be hard for beginners.