How to use Alexa for Home Automation?

This Amazon Alexa Demo is for the technology enthusiasts who are looking forward to learning more about the internet of things (IoT) and voice enabled technology which includes Amazon Alexa Integration with Consumer Electronics Devices, Retail, Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart Meters, Wearable, Media, Medical, and logistics.

The Amazon Alexa demo Video is also having some statistics and infographics that are explaining the growth of Amazon Alexa Skills, Commands. You can see the report that describes future of Voice enabled technology and Amazon Alexa For Home Automation, Smart Offices, Retail, Healthcare and Consumer Electronics industry and various industry verticals.
Amazon voice assistant is revamping businesses and homes. Smart homes and smart businesses are now the buzzing words.

All you need is Alexa smart home skills to get started with Amazon Alexa Commands. The Alexa smart home demo here represents the integration of Amazon Alexa with smart products, IoT Devices, Services like taxi booking, order a pizza and many more small businesses can convert their business into a voice enabled business.

Here you will get the Answers of questions:
  •          What is Amazon echo (Alexa)?
  •          How do Alexa control lights?
  •          How to integrate Alexa with a smart home appliance, offices, and buildings?
  •          How to Setup Alexa Amazon echo, dot?
  •          IoT for consumer electronics, retail, and healthcare industries
  •          Alexa Integration with Restaurants, cafes, small businesses
  •          How IoT & Voice Enable technology work together?
  •          what is the Difference between Amazon Alexa Vs Google home vs
  •          home pod vs Cortana?
  •          Which is the best voice assistant in 2017?
  •          What is the Future of Voice Technology?

So, Amazon Alexa Commands can work wonders if skilled properly.  Best Amazon Alexa Commands works on skill sets, with these skill sets you can program Alexa to collaborate with any Internet of Things (IoT) Device.

These skills can be written in node.js, javascript, python, etc. These skills are to be uploaded on Amazon Lambda servers or on your own custom server.

Check out the full IoT video demo of Amazon Alexa Smart Home Automation and please subscribe to the channel to be updated with the latest technology for various Business Industries.


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