Best Mobile App Development Frameworks Of 2017

Opting for a mobile app development process is itself a confusing and complex process for a non-tech savvy person. Selecting the right framework for your application is the most important step of this process. I will help you out today in selecting the right framework for your mobile app.

After working in the mobile app development company for more than 7 years I learned that; the selection of framework depends on the platform you are opting for your app. Whether it is android app development, iOS app development or hybrid app development there are certain frameworks which are providing best features.

Best Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

Let's have a look at some of the leading mobile app development frameworks:


Ionic is an HTML5 mobile application development framework which goes for creating cross-platform mobile applications, with the assistance of different technologies like HTML, CSS3, SAAS, JavaScript, AngularJS.
  •     Platform Independent
  •    Default User Interface
  •   Leverages Cordova Plugins
React native:

React native provides some serious benefits for the cross-platform mobile applications without any sacrifice to the look and feel of the app. In spite of some basic features like; ease of learning, simplified UI, huge community support and much more. React native has some distinguishing features as well.
  •    Reusable Components
  •    No Need Of Code Rewriting
  •    Less Memory Usage
Angular 2

For mobile app development; Angular JS is one of the most popular frameworks. With angular app development, you can reuse your code to build apps. Angular delivers the most scalable infrastructure and productivity, which supports Google's largest apps.

  •    Best Animations
  •  Great MVC
  •  Unit Testing Ready

PhoneGap Cross platform mobile app development framework allows developers to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The applications developed using PhoneGap can easily make utilize the features of native device like camera, Geo location, accelerometer and much more.
  •     Less Code
  •   Less Error-Prone
  •     Most Interactive


Xamarin with visual studio offers faster mobile app development by utilizing the advantages of powerful IDE. It provides high performance compiled code with the access to native APIs. You can directly add a high-quality component to your app from the IDE, including web services APIs, control and much more.
  •  Low Investment
  •   Easy Customization
  •   Security
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      Now you are having a basic knowledge of all the platforms it's your turn to select the best platform for your business. Still having any doubts? We are here for you. You can ask any query and we will provide the best solution at the least time possible.

Discuss your requirements with the Best mobile app development company and get access to a team of best mobile app developers.


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