Y? Android Is 1st Choice of Millions of Businesses for App Development

The android ecosystem is growing even faster since 2015. There are millions of businesses out there who have already leveraged android application development services to tap their share from the soaring app market.  There are many other reasons, of course, so continue reading. 

Supports Multiple Devices – Adaptability is a boon

One of the many reasons why android rules the mobile market is the fact that that the OS is supported by a huge assortment of Smartphones and tablets worldwide. Google has its own unique business tactics when it comes to customer acquisition. According to a recent study, Android owns the largest share of 79% in the global Smartphone market.

Marshmallow: The Big News!

Marshmallow, the latest version of Android OS unveiled by Google, Inc, is breaking tech news for those involved in android apps development. The new OS has made significant and well-justified changes in the way Android devices work.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the coolest features of Android 6.0, known as Marshmallow.
  1. Using ‘Doze’ feature, Android users can lower battery consumption without restricting any functioning.
  2. There is a remarkable improvement in the virtual digital assistance of Google in Marshmallow.
  3. The android development team at Google has further improved the functionality of ‘App Drawer’ from Lollipop. App search is even easier and vertical listing makes scrolling through apps faster and more fun.
  4. Predictive apps is a real cool feature brought to us by Marshmallow. It keeps trace on your app usage pattern and will put more frequently used apps at the top in the app search results.
Now you just need to tap to play Google Now, Google’s Voice Search, and you will be surprised to see the massive improvement on how it reacts to your words.

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