Ionic vs Native App Development

Recently Ionic App development has increased, the choice of using the native or Ionic app development is always the pain of all those who want to make a mobile application.

General Description

• Native applications are unique to a particular mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the tools and development language that supports the respective platform (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Java with Android and Eclipse). Native applications look and work better.

• Ionic applications allow you to embed HTML5 applications within a thin native container; you can combine the best (and worst) elements of HTML5 and native apps.

Native Applications Advantages

1. A native mobile application can produce the best user experience: Fast graphics API and smooth animation, which is critical when using a large amount of data or require a quick update.

2. Obviously, you can also get complete control over what you are doing. It’s easy for you to use the camera, address book, geo-location and all other native features.


1. Perhaps the greatest weakness of native applications is their lack of portability to other platforms.

2. Native applications often cost more to develop and distribute because of the language and tools of different ecosystems, which require more investment in developer skills if you need to develop for you to use the camera, address book, geo-location and all other native features.

Ionic Mobile Applications Advantages

1. Faster development, especially for a long time web developer with experience.

2. Ionic applications can provide a good angularJS environment full and works well with Cordova plug which implies that we can use some native capabilities like native iOS bar tabs or Android native bar tabs and more.

3. Most Ionic tools can enable the portability of a single code base for all major mobile platforms.

4. The frames of the user interface can get a pretty native look.


1. Mobile phones (including tablets) are not fast enough to smoothly run Ionic application. Android platform is a nightmare; page transitions do not work smoothly not to mention lacking CSS / CSS3 implementation. IOS is considered as much better, but it still has a poor CSS3 implementation.

2. It is not all APIs you can access with Ionic application.

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