Best Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks of 2019

best hybrid mobile app frameworks

Mobile application development makes work very simple for the web developers as it's anything but difficult to assemble a single application which performs effectively on various platform, for example, iOS, Android and Windows with no additional effort.

Likewise, there are so many advantages of the Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks which incorporates cost-effective development, access to a wide scope of various hardware/software abilities and probability.

React Native 

React native is a rising open-source platform and the future of Hybrid Mobile App Development. Essentially, it is dependent on JavaScript and enables you to fabricate a mobile application utilizing JavaScript. Fundamentally, it gives more thoughtfulness regarding the view of some portion of the application. Some outstanding applications built utilizing React Native are – Facebook, Walmart, UberEATS & Instagram and so on.

  • Offers a great deal of Plugins. 
  • Extraordinary Response Time.
  • Very quick.
  • Perfect with iPhone and Android.
  • Reusable Components.
  • React Native is open-source.
  • Recoveries the season of the engineers.
  • Amazing Performance.
  • Less Memory Usage.
  • Simply compose once and Utilize respond local UI segments to current application code. You don't have to modify once more.
  • Totally support Node.Js.

Ionic is the most well-known and most loved framework on the rundown for the hybrid app development. It is an HTML5 mobile application development system which is designed with local styled UI components. It is utilized to build hybrid mobile apps. The cool thing about it is that Ionic has a rich set of cutting edge features, for example, mobile components, interactive paradigms, typography, and an extensible base theme that makes the job easier. 

Features :
  • Mastery in the cutting edge innovations, for example, CSS, HTML AngularJS or Javascript segments.
  • Backing for Angular material design.
  • Wrapping Angular Framework.
  • The Ionic system is effectively viable.
  • Scalable.
  • Easy to read.
  • Open source and free.

Being mobile-centric and open-source; Phonegap development is a standout amongst the most famous application development frameworks. It is a standout amongst the most prominent systems which is utilized by many experienced developers. With PhoneGap, one can convey powerfully and highlight rich applications which are completely hybrid applications that work productively over various stages and achieve substantial scale gathering of people in lesser time.

  • Supports iOS, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian, and iPad &Single code development for the majority of the stages 
  • Based on innovations like HTML JavaScript and CSS3 that gives a rich encounter
  • Open-source cross-stage.
  • Native Functionality.


At whatever point you select a hybrid mobile app framework, you need to pay special concern to your target and ask the question to yourself– what do you need from your application. You must be guaranteed that you pick the suitable cross platform mobile app framework for your necessities.


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