Which Is The Suitable Framework For Front End Development: Angular 2 Or React?

Angular 2 Vs React

Since the number of devices and channels we utilize for online information are drastically growing, web development technology is getting high demand and thereby the work of design and development is becoming more challenging and complicated.
Front-end and client-side development technologies are now more significant than ever before since internet usage is considerably increasing. However, while selecting the technology stack for enterprise application development, developers generally get confused due to the abundance of choice available nowadays.

While selecting your front end development technology, there will be quite a big number of options. Some trending frameworks such as React and Angular 2 are extremely admired within the development area. Though both the frameworks are good enough as per their individual capabilities, there is a huge debate over which one is appropriate for Front End Development Services?

Both React and Angular 2 are feature-rich front end technologies supported by big companies like Facebook and Google, but each with an, unlike approach. Several developers may argue that React is a library and Angular is a framework so the comparison is debatable.

Check out few important points about both the frameworks that will help you conclude which one is precise. 

Angular 2 

Angular 2 is recognized as one of the most contemporary frameworks for the web development. It is a Type Script-based, open source platform introduced by the Angular Team at Google and maintained by a community of corporations and individuals. It is an absolute revise of the much trendy AngularJS framework. The motive behind developing this version is to provide developers a thorough yet simple framework to make applications with no code complexity or complicated programming.


React is a JavaScript library for creating User Interfaces. React is significantly different since it is neither a framework nor an absolute solution and you will often require depending on other libraries to develop an absolute solution. But, React is yet very helpful and influential to create user interfaces. React uses server-side rendering (SSR) with a twist that enables it to offer a flexible, componentized and high-performance solution for the “V” in MVC (Model View Controller). It assists whenever your web page requires instantaneous page loads or you want the aptitude to handle extensive lists of dynamic content altering within the view. 

Angular 2 or React

Among the two technologies, Angular 2 is more of an inclusive solution since its components are well-integrated to provide full support. Though, with React there are many boilerplates together with a huge number of available tools and application methods. Consequently, if you desire to begin a new project with React, it is more complicated than Angular 2 since React presents an abundance of choices but no obvious direction.

Moreover, with React you need to rely on a several supporting libraries and there is no guarantee of the reliable experience. Also, there is no pre-defined method of managing your build or structuring your apps and you need to spend much of time for exploring.

Angular 2 allows utilizing object-oriented programming (OOP), best practice design patterns and architecture for the web. Angular 2 update facilitates huge enterprise app development work to be divided into chunks. It is also supported by Google and a huge community of developers. 


After considering above illustration, it is viable to articulate that Angular 2 and React both are the best technologies for front-end UI design. Still, Angular 2 suppose to win some additional good points for its highly scalable architecture and performance. Developing a web application will not only necessitate selecting most suitable front-end technology but also acquire robust and quality solutions by experienced developers or organizations.
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