Let’s check out some of the best Alexa skill sets

Before starting my article I want to share some data “There are 5.2M Alexa devices sold in just 2 years and by the end of 2017 there will be over 12M units will be sold.”

Amazon Alexa is a voice enabled a device that works as per the commands of the user. Alexa provides a set of inbuilt capabilities which are known as Alexa skills. With the introduction of Alexa skills, industries and businesses started opting Alexa skill development.

This lead to an increase in the demand of Alexa skill developer. The focus of enterprises and businesses now has been transferred from mobile app developers to Alexa skill developer. This article is for all those Startups, SMEs, and enterprises that are looking forward to Custom Alexa skill set integration, mobile app development for IoT Devices, Cloud integration.

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Amazon Alexa platform focus on two specified areas of development:

Alexa voice search:

Amazon Alexa uses Alexa voice service (AVS) to integrating Alexa voice enablement into devices, homes, cars and other physical objects which work with a microphone.

Alexa skills kit:

Alexa Skills Development triggers specific actions which lead to call for APIs and then respond as per that.

Due to its complete cloud based structure, Alexa is able to enroll enhancements and updates and as a result, it continues to grow smarter. Alexa can work wonders if skilled properly, it works on some predefined skill sets that can be used to program Alexa to collaborate with any IoT device.

Alexa voice search can work for two approaches:

1. Integrate Alexa into a voice enabled products and services

If you are having an Alexa-enabled product like a smart watch, sensor, thermostat then you can integrate Alexa with the embedded product.

2. Launch new ideas

You can come up with some innovations by integrating Alexa skills. This approach targets the start-ups to introduce some creative ideas. Amazon Alexa team also supports new ideas.

How do Alexa skills work?

The Amazon device connects to the internet via the Wi-Fi network of your home. And it wakes up whenever you call “ALEXA”. Your voice command will be followed and sent to a natural voice recognition service in the Amazon Lambda server.  Read More


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