Is Drupal the Right Choice for Educational Websites?

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Whenever you decide to develop an educational website the first point to consider is the platform of the website. Developing an educational website is not an easy task. An educational website needs a constant upgradation. So it is necessary to opt for a platform that is capable enough to handle the enormous amount of data of a school, college or institute.

The Drupal platform has already proven its efficiency and importance as a business website platform. Now it is ready to hold its grip in the education industry. Some of the best universities around the globe are having a Drupal website.

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Why Is Drupal The Favorite Of Such Well Known Educational Institutions?

I have listed out a few reasons that might be relevant, have a look:

•    Multilingual:

Drupal supports more than 110 languages, a site can be built on any language as per the demographics of the students and teacher staff. All the institutes have an international students association, global event communications and many such features that require more than one language

•    Scalability:

Drupal is able to handle any size of website traffic. So during the times when the website faces high traffic like during admission time students and parents look up for a website first so it is necessary that a website must be able to handle the traffic and that Drupal is great on. 

•    Capable of handling Social media and email campaigns

Drupal websites provide better engagement with integrated capabilities. It includes email marketing series like: Mailchimp, constant contact and much more while, on the other hand, it provides social media campaigns on Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, Pinterest and much more. Discuss your requirements to a Drupal website development services company with an experience of developing Drupal websites for all the major industries.

•    Security

Drupal’s security team is highly responsive and performs frequent security checks for all the active Drupal versions. The team actively monitor all the submitted modules and promptly scans for security breaches and bugs. Consider hiring Drupal web developers that have a knowledge of integrating security modules in your Drupal websites.

•    Better responsive design:

It is a well-known fact that the world is leading on mobile platforms rather than desktops. It is necessary to have a responsive design for the website that can work well on all the devices like mobile, tablets and desktops. So hire Drupal developers that can develop your educational website in a responsive design to offer a great experience to your visitors.

These are just a few features that I have explained. Know more about the Drupal education website development services.


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