The High Adoption of Ionic Applications

                                        The High Adoption of Ionic Applications

Whenever we talk about mobile app development, a scenario of “The battle between hybrid apps and native apps” generates in our mind. Both applications have their own majors and minors. But do you know that the ionic framework of the hybrid platform is actually giving a tough competition to the native applications?
Let’s quickly walk through about the benefits and shortcomings of ionic apps which lead to the high acceptance of the ionic applications.

Why were ionic apps obscure till now?

An easy answer for this can be; people believe that the performance of ionic apps is slow. For an ionic application, the final step is to run on the native platform, so a medium is required to convert the code of hybrid into native. Cordova handles this process of conversion; this extra step of conversion of code takes time and makes it slow.

Today, you can have a high performing and quick responsive ionic mobile application for business. We all are using some amazing ionic mobile apps, but are not aware of it. For example, the application of Baskin Robins ice-cream, Pacifica, Remote POS and many more.

The benefits of ionic app frameworks

Ionic app development companies are providing better mobility solutions with the evolution of ionic farmework.
Offline support:

ionic apps can work perfectly offline, even when the app has no internet connection. Even when the application is offline, the users can access the previously loaded data and are able to load the app.
·       Unified development:

Ionic allows one-time coding of the application, due to its “Code once and run anywhere” feature. No need of developing and maintaining separate codes for different mobile platforms.
Better Market Reach:

Due to its ability to perform smoothly on various platforms, it has a wider reach toward the users.
If you are thinking about a mobile application for your business at a low price, then the ionic app is the best choice. But do contact a qualified and experienced ionic app developer, as the market is stocked with frauds and cheaters.

Still, have doubt about mobile application development? Need a guidance regarding your choice of app development framework? You can contact us, known for its proficiency in ionic applications Excellent WebWorld is a mobile app development Company.


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