Did you know how Google can help you to get new customers?

app developmentIt’s not necessary that all of the persons living in a city knows English so if your website/app is in English then it would be useless for those who doesn’t know English. If you want to earn a good fortune in your business then you should target your local customers. Local customers are easy to approach and contact. To impress local customers using your national language is the best option.

We all have struggled with the problem of blank rectangular boxes in place of alphabets whenever you try to work on your native language. This little box is called .notdef or “not defined”. In common language it is called “TOFU”.

Google NOTO is the ultimate solution for this problem. The easy implementation in the coding of the project makes the task of language implementation easier.

After the hard work of 5 years with the aim of no more tofu, Google has come up with the project “NOTO”. NOTO is a font family which supports all the languages with the harmonious look and feel. The multiple styles and weights are freely available to all. NOTO stands for NO more Tofu. NOTO supports over 800 languages, 100 scripts with up to eight weights, innumerable special character and no tofu at all. For each language, NOTO has multiple serif and sans serif styles as well as numerous symbols, emojis and musical notations. NOTO gives a digital representation to all the scripts in the Unicode standards. Noto is an open source under open font license. In which designers and developers can contribute to the scripts. Google will update NOTO as new characters are introduced to it. That includes recent emojis.

Benefits of using NOTO:
  • Faster execution
  • No tofu display
  • Language or area based targeted customers
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy implementation
Not a technical person? Still wants to integrate NOTO in your project?
Don’t worry! We are here at your service. We will make a website/app for you in your language. We have a team of developers experienced ready to provide best services to you.


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