How iOS 10 superior then iOS 9

Launching iOS10 recently, Apple claims it to be the biggest release of iOS platform. In comparison to the previous versions of iOS, iOS9 there are significant upgrades that can be marked. The upgrades are referred to be Rich Notifications, which allows great interaction with the notifications of the apps from the lock screen. These upgrades are done for the iPhone6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Below listed are few of the comparisons that make iOS10 superior over the previous version iOS9.

Specifications That Differentiate iOS10 In Comparison With iOS9


The most recommended upgrade in iOS10 is Siri. Siri has been made incredibly smarter than iOS9 open to the developers. With this feature, you would view the personal assistant pop up in the third party apps.
Apple had introduced Siri on iOS9 that displayed contacts and the apps which it predicted to be useful for the user with relevance to time and location. It also offered smarter answers to any queries, but the scale of in the iOS10 is far updated.
Siri in iOS10 is smarter that is able to understand the voice commands in variety of ways which keeps you away from dictating the phrases in an orderly set.


The new map in iOS10 is with a sporty design and has been made proactive. The iOS10 maps depending on your time and location it suggests routes or any place of interest. Navigation is improved spectacularly with live traffic, which you can’t find in iOS9.

Phone and Messages

Apple with its iOS10 allows the developers to access the core calling API. With this feature any call you receive, from any application it would be displayed and would act like any standard call. The calls in iOS9 from any third party app appear with basic notifications which give a disjointed user experience.
The voicemail transcription is another listed smart feature that gives the user an overview of the message in text ignoring the spam. In overall, iOS10 is more relevant and excellently featured than iOS9, though some features may be similar with the Google’s Allo app.

News, Photos, and Music

With the iOS10, Apple claims to provide fresher, brighter and cleaner look that makes them easier for navigating. In comparison to the iOS9 picture viewer, iOS10 has more features with artificial intelligence that makes able to identify people, objects, scenes and animals and group them accordingly in various categories.


The iPhone models like iPhone 4S and up including the iPads, iPad Minis, and iPod Touch come with updated iOS9. The iOS10 is likely to arrive with iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, and this doesn’t support the previous devices.


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