Best Options to convert your Mobile App

On January 28 the unexpected happened – Facebook announced the closure of Parse Services. For many mobile application developers, it was a stab in the back.

We all know that at least some mobile applications that run on Parse: Vine, Expedia’s Orbitz, and periscope. And there are more of them.

After the announcement many people have been asking

• Should they migrate to other mobile SaaS backend?
• Should they use Parse on open source?

Or what are other ways to deal with this situation.

The exciting part of it is that you have many options that would help you to convert from Parse to Mobile app

Here are the options that you can use to convert from parse to mobile app

1. Move your Mobile application to another BaaS server
2. Develop your parse server
3. Rewrite the application on your own server

Each of these options has its disadvantages and advantages. Now we will cover each of them so you can get an overview of what to choose.
Move your Mobile application to another SaaS server

What the Parse example taught us is that we can never fully trust on external servers. But it does not mean that you cannot use them.
The key is not to integrate your mobile application with this kind of server, so it can be moved without significant problems when necessary.

A rule of thumb would be to find a reliable Baas you can trust that will not close in the short term. Notable examples are the big ones: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. There are a lot of services like that you can choose.

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